Wood Work CoWorking

Wood Work CoWorking is a shared workplace where you can share and create ideas and new projects inside a community of professionals with the same motivations: share, collaborate and grow.

Our facilities are placed in Almería city center, a big workplace (over than 300m2) with all you need to enjoy your working hours and to focus in what you really need to achieve your professional goals.

It is a modern place, specially designed to fit to your needings, no matter what they are: private offices, workplaces in a shared room, meeting room, teaching room, morphing big space for events, consulting… And, of course, common areas where you can spend your spare time alone or with other “coworkers".

We are open 24 hours, 7 days a weeks because creativity doesn't know about agendas and your timings could not fit with other people's. We adapt our workplace times to you, because you are our priority.

Every single coworkers own a private access code and alarm system that are supervised by our team.

#FeelingWood, our philosophy


You’ll love your workplace

A human being spends aprox. 2000 hours a year working and at Wood Work CoWorking we think that it is quite a lot of time to be in a place where you don’t feel 100% comfortable.

That’s why we’ve created our #FeelingWood philosophy, a new way of workplace where going every single morning to work offers to you the chance to combine work, leisure, learning and sharing your daily tasks with people that are passionate with what they do.

Our History

Good job + wood essence: “An space with soul"

Wood Work Coworking was funded by three young partners with entrepreneur souls, willing to change the concept of “work", study and to go beyond of what an office means.

We started to work on this project and it was pretty hard. Billions of ideas started to combine and it was difficult to find what we were looking for, our essence.

Finally we could define what we wanted to show to people, what we want them to feel while working at our coworking space.

“A space with its own soul”

Once we built the solid bases of this project, we only needed this space to be filled of life, people willing to share and to be proud of being part of our community.

Amazingly, Wood Work CoWorking started to be surrounded of an entrepreneurs family, freelancers and business that were really unique that, until nowadays, the’ve made this coworking space to have its own soul.

Not convinced yet?